Our Presentations

The 4th Day Alliance gives many different presentations. Our most popular and well-known presentation is How Big is God. However, the Alliance has several other Creation Astronomy related presentations available to give to your group. Hover over the images below for more information about each presentation:

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    How Big is God


    HOW BIG IS GOD - is our flagship multimedia presentation. In this presentation you will learn about God's power and might by examining the size of the Earth, our Solar System, our galaxy, and the entire universe.
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    Creation Astronomy


    CREATION ASTRONOMY - takes you on a tour of the science of astronomy and shows you how astronomical discoveries support the teachings of the Bible. Learn about the Sun, the Moon, comets, Biblical references to astronomy, and more.
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    Astronomy in the Bible


    ASTRONOMY IN THE BIBLE - The Bible has many references to astronomy within its pages. Learn about the Mazzaroth, Orion, Pleiades, Wandering Stars, the Bright and Morning Star, and much more!
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    Classical Astronomy


    CLASSICAL ASTRONOMY - Before telescopes, spacecraft, spectroscopes, lunar modules, space stations, and space probes, there was once a thriving science of astronomy that relied completely on math and visual observation. Learn how to recover and restore this once widely-known scientific field. (Based in part on Jay Ryan's excellent book, Signs and Seasons).
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    COMETS - What are they? Where do they come from? Does the Bible discuss comets? Learn about comets and about the Creationist theory that successfully predicted many facts about comets.
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    Distant Starlight


    DISTANT STARLIGHT - How do we see distant starlight in a young universe? This is the most common question asked to "Young Universe" astronomers. This presentation provides a fresh and honest approach to answering this puzzling question.
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    The Mazzaroth


    THE MAZZAROTH - What is the mazzaroth? Is the zodiac and the mazzaroth the same thing? Why does the Bible mention the mazzaroth? Is the gospel message hidden in the stars/mazzaroth? This presentation will answer these questions for you.
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    Star of Bethlehem


    STAR OF BETHLEHEM - was the star of Bethlehem a true historical/astronomical event? We believe that it was. Before you make a decision, we invite you to examine the actual evidence. This presentation is filled with facts from history, science, astronomy, and the Bible.
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    How to Use a Telescope


    HOW TO USE A TELESCOPE - Do you have a telescope but are unsure how to use it? Would you like to get some actual use out of your family's telescope investment. In this hands-on seminar you will learn exactly what you can do with your telescope.

If you are interested in having the 4th Day Alliance give one or more of the presentations above,
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