Alliance Star Parties

Star parties are gatherings of astronomy enthusiasts and telescope owners. Star parties are held all over the country by astronomy clubs in their various cities. 4th Day Alliance star parties are much different than typical star parties because we bring a presentation screen to our star parties to help educate the public. Our star parties are designed to educate the public, rather than to just spend hours viewing deep-space objects in a remote, dark location (we do that on our own time).

Glacier Point Star Party
The Alliance is dedicated to teaching creationism, creation science, and creation astronomy as well as enjoying it. For this reason, we take a powerful sound system, projector screen, astronomy gadgets and toys, and our book table along to all star parties to make it an incredible educational experience for the public. Many people hear about the glory of God in the heavens for the first time. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to plant seeds for Christ into the hearts of unbelievers. Because we are primarily interested in educating the public, we do not need to have a dark-sky location for our star parties (although dark skies are preferred). We often use parks, driveways, parking lots, schools, etc.

Check our calendar page for a schedule of our upcoming 4th Day Alliance Creation Astronomy Star Parties! If you are a member of the 4th Day Alliance, you can click here to see a photo album of our last star party at Glacier Point in Yosemite!