Astronomy in the Bible Tract
Does Distant Starlight Prove that the Bible is Wrong?
Do any Real Astronomers Believe in God? Tract
This is our most popular brochure. It answers the most troubling question posed to creation astronomers - that is, how can we see distant starlight in a young universe. This full-color, 8-page pamphlet answers the question and bolsters your faith!
This brochure looks at several of the different references to astronomy in the Bible. What is the Pleiades and Orion? What is the Mazzaroth? Is the Zodiac in the Bible? Is the gospel in the stars?
This tract is the printed version of the article with the same title. You can read the online article here. This is an excellent tool to use with secular scientists and university students who have been taught atheistic dogma.
This tract introduces the reader to the world of Creation Astronomy. The full-color glossy brochure draws the reader in to the wonder of God's creation.
We have produced several tracts and brochures concerning creation science (sometimes called creationism) and creation astronomy as seen below. These brochures and tracts can be purchased from the 4th Day Alliance at any of our events or homeschool conventions. Take a look at our calendar for a list of upcoming events. These tracts can be purchased in our online store.

Tracts and Brochures