Creation Astronomers in History

Here you can read about great astronomers in history who were creationists that affirmed their belief in the God of the Bible. The research on these pages is credited to David Coppedge of Creation Safaris. You can visit the original page by clicking here.

Important Clarifications Regarding these Scientists

Before reading the articles above and in order to prevent misunderstandings, we want to answer in advance some counter-arguments that might be put forth by observant readers.

We are not saying that these scientists were always correct. Science by nature is tentative and cumulative. Some of these scientists believed and taught things which have subsequently proved erroneous. To be fair, we should acknowledge the same fault in our day; every week in Science News someone announces a finding that overthrows previously held beliefs. Rather than pointing out these scientists as infallible, we are saying that their drive for knowledge of nature was motivated by their Christian world-view, and at least in one significant way, their faith led to a major discovery that has advanced our health, our welfare, or our understanding of the world.

We are not claiming that these scientists were always exemplary personalities. They were as human as we, subject to the same whims and foibles of mankind in general. Some had some noticeable rough edges (e.g. even Isaac Newton, greatest of all, could be petty and vindictive). These observations, rather than diminishing the force of our thesis, underscore how faith and thirst for knowledge can cause individuals to rise above their human weaknesses.

We are not saying that all these scientists were genuine Christians. Some clearly understood the gospel of Christ and lived according to their Biblical beliefs. All of them, however, had a fundamental belief in God as Creator, a deep respect for the Bible, and would have opposed the rampant materialism of our day.