About these Articles
Here we have compiled all of the best creationist explanations and theories for the distant starlight issue. Many different creationists have done a considerable amount of research regarding this subject and their work is greatly valued. Of course, at the end of the day we know and believe the infallible words of scripture above and beyond the fallible opinions and/or the subjective measurements of men. We hope that you find your research on these pages valuable.

The articles on these pages are written by their respective authors who each have various degrees of scientific training in diverse fields. Many of these articles conflict with one another. We have chosen to place ALL of the creationist perspectives so that the reader can decide what seems the most plausible to them.

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Distant Starlight Articles

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Does Distant Starlight Prove that the Bible is Wrong?
by the 4th Day Alliance

Galaxies are Billions of Light Years Away, so isn’t the Universe Billions of Years Old?
by Dr. Walt Brown

Universe in Near Realtime
by Astronomer Steve Miller

Understanding the Variable Speed of Light Theory
Barry Setterfield’s research simplified by his wife, Helen

Starlight and Time—A Further Breakthrough
by Carl Wieland (regarding Dr. John Hartnett’s research)

Relativistic Cosmology - Four Creation Cosmologies
by Dr. Russell Humphreys

Conventions of Time Measurement
by Dr. Jason Lisle