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We are in the midst of a major culture war and we need your help! As you know, one of the foundations upon which great negative change has taken place in our world is the false belief in evolution (naturalism).

While most people are familiar with Charles Darwin’s theory, few realize that an even greater fight is being waged in the area of astronomy. This is because evolution, as it pertains to astronomy, doesn’t just deal with the origin of life, but with the origin of EVERYTHING! If belief in evolution is defeated in the area of cosmology and astronomy, then other forms of evolutionary belief don’t have a leg to stand on. This is why evolutionary astronomers are some of the most dogmatic philosophers in existence today. Their ENTIRE WORLDVIEW rests on the foundation of evolutionary cosmology and astronomy. This is why evolutionists oftentimes feel most threatened by Creation Astronomy and wage the most virulent attacks against Creation Astronomers.

We are requesting your help to combat this problem on a grassroots level. Please consider this opportunity prayerfully.

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There are literally hundreds of astronomy clubs around the country, but to our knowledge there is only ONE that is unapologetically Christian and that believes in the absolute truth of the Bible – the 4th Day Alliance. Astronomy clubs are responsible for teaching and introducing the public to astronomy. Unfortunately, 99.99% of the time they are teaching the myth of “billions of years” and false theories like the Big Bang.

We need to turn this around. The only way to do this is for local Christian astronomy clubs to start springing up around the nation who will teach and inform their communities the truth about Creation Astronomy! Are you willing to join the battle? Are you willing to start a local Christian Astronomy club? If so, you can become a local chapter affiliate of the 4th Day Alliance and we will provide you with several resources to help you spread the word in your community.

As a local chapter affiliate you will have:
  • Your own subsite on the 4th Day Alliance website that you can manage and edit yourself.
  • Access to a wholesale discount store where you can buy Creation Astronomy resources at 30% to 50% off.
  • A Local Chapter affiliate kit complete with instructions and ideas on forming your local astronomy club as well as hosting astronomy events.
  • FREE sample kit of each of our 4th Day Alliance tracts and brochures.
  • A set of 10 Creation Astronomy post cards.
  • A stack of 4th Day Alliance distribution cards.
  • A resource CD-ROM filled with astronomy animations, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, astronomy audio files, creation astronomy posters, and complete video tutorials.
The entire local chapter affiliate kit can be purchased online for only $49.